Quick Glimpse At Heather Lendway’s Pro Schedule

With my move to the professional ranks in 2015 I still plan to concentrate on Olympic Distance non-draft racing as I have done in the past. Having that said, with an always changing racing environment, i.e. the announcement of 5i50 Championships no longer occurring, I’ll likely fill in my schedule with some draft legal races along with more local sprint and Olympic distance events.

My first triathlon ever...with Sarah Haskins, April Morgan and a few other gals...
My first triathlon ever…with Sarah Haskins, April Morgan and a few other gals…

I’m planning to start out my season during early March racing back to back weekends in Clermont and Sarasota, Florida, both draft legal sprint distance races.  These races typically draw a couple top pro athletes and many up and coming professionals.  I was excited to see I will be racing Sarah Haskins for my first race in Clermont.  She happened to be racing at my very first triathlon back in July 2012 at Elysian’s Rookie Tri in Elysian MN.  It seems fitting that I “raced” her in my first amateur race and now will get to race her in my first professional race.

After my season openers I’m mostly looking forward to my non-draft professional debut at St. Anthony’s tri in April.  I plan to compete in the Lifetime Series as well which will likely be 3-6 races but the specific races that are to be included in the professional series are still to be determined.  I’m also planning to race at Pigman Sprint, a local favorite with an equalizer format so men and women are pitted against one another.

If USA Triathlon hosts a super sprint in Milwaukee again I would love to attend that as well so I could cheer on my fellow Minnesotans racing at nationals.  I may also consider a bid at the Vegas Super Sprint in September.  Finally, I’ve been thinking about a late season try at the 70.3 distance but I think that will be determined by how burnt out I’m feeling when the end of this long season rolls around.

I’ll probably fill in with some other local races here and there as the schedule allows, otherwise this is what my schedule is shaping up to be:

March 7th – Clermont CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup (Start list)

March 14th – Sarasota CAMTRI Sprint Triathlon American Cup and Caribbean Championships (Start list)

April 26th – St. Anthony’s Triathlon

May 25th – Lifetime CapTex – Pending Pro Series

June 7th – Pigman Sprint

July 11th – Lifetime Minneapolis – Pending Pro Series

July 18th – Lifetime New York City – Pending Pro Series

August 8th – USAT Super Sprint Milwaukee – If it happens

August 30th – Lifetime Chicago – Pending Pro Series

September ? – Super Sprint Vegas – Potentially if approved for start list by USAT

October 25th – Lifetime Oceanside – Pending Pro Series

November/December – 70.3 or resting from the season.

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