Kortney Haag Wins Pigman Long Course

“We think it is unfortunate that Kortney did not get to enjoy coming across the finish line first at Pigman Long Course in August.  The lady who crossed the line just in front of her is not revealed to have been busted for doping.  Professional triathlete Morgan Chaffin tested positive at Boulder Ironman a few weeks before the Pigman but the results had not been verified until after the Pigman.  Morgan has admitted to being on a Hormone Therapy Replacement Regiment but has stated she did not know this was against the rules.  Regardless of whether she knowingly took performance enhancing drugs, it is unfortunate to all of the ladies that raced clean and had their results appear to be less stellar than they really are.  Morgan Chaffin is now serving a two year ban and has agreed to return the $1,200 prize money for her win.  The Pigman Triathlon is in the process of redistributing the money to the rightful winners:  Kortney Haag, Dianne Hankee, Tami Ritchie, Holly Beavers, and Kristen Hock.”

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