Inaugural Gear West Bike Swap…It’s Happening!

Here’s how simple the Gear West Trade-In Your Turkey program is…  Bring in your old rig that just doesn’t cut it as your triathlon bike anymore.  We’ll evaluate it, give you a quote, and apply that amount toward the purchase of your new bike.  This is an easy, hassle-free way for you to unload that ride, free up some cash and purchase a new bike.  We’ve got lots of bikes to chose from, most of them year-end sale models along with some remaining 2011 demo bikes.  Your trade-in will save you even more on these already great values.
What’s your bike worth?  We will offer you a fair market price for your used bike – what we think we’ll be able to turn around and sell it for on ebay.  We’ll take on the burden of having a mechanic check-over your old bike, pay all the fees associated with listing it, pay the selling fees and take on the responsibility of shipping and insuring the bike to its new owner.  Bottom line… We want to sell you a new bike this autumn.  We are not looking to make money by buying and re-selling used bikes.

Don’t Miss Winning Shimano’s Ultegra Di2 Grouppo

From October 18, 2012 until December 30, 2012, you have the chance to win a complete Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupo! Here’s how to qualify for the grand prize drawing. Purchase a Ultegra Di2 groupo or OEM bike equipped with the Ultegra Di2 to win the prize of having your original purchase reimbursed up to $2499. There will be two grand prize winners selected nationwide.

Grouppos are defined as the following components:

  • ST-6770 Dual-Control Levers
  • FD-6770 Front Derailleur
  • RD-6770 Rear Derailleur
  • SM-EW67-A-E Front Wiring Harness
  • SM-JC40 or JC41 Junction Box B (internal or external)
  • SM-BMR1 Battery Mount (Longer external or Internal/short external)
  • EW-SD50 E-Tube Wire: Choose 4 (13 length options)
  • SM-BTR1 Lithium Ion Battery
  • SM-BCR1 Battery Charger
  • SM-BCC1 Power Cable for Battery Charger

If you are interested in purchasing a bike equipped with Ultegra Di2 during this promotion, we have two excellent options currently in-stock. The Felt Z3 is equipped to tackle any road ride and give you the performance you need for years. This bike is currently on-sale for $4400 with an original MSRP of $5000. We also have a Trek Madone Project One with custom graphics in a size 52cm fully equipped for $5500. If neither of those bikes strike your fancy, Felt, Trek, and Cervelo have further options equipped with Ultegra Di2. Ask us about them!

If you are skeptical about electronic shifting, don’t be. Come in and try it on one of our trainers. Ask our 5 shop employees that have ridden electronic for 4+ years. As soon as you shift through the gears, you will be converted, guaranteed! Afterall, what is better than no shifting maintenance and the quickest most responsive technology on the market!

Purchase your Miracles of Mitch Photo Book!

Support the Miracles of Mitch Foundation as they continue to offer support to children and their families who are battling cancer. This photo book captures many of the amazing stories happening within the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, celebrates the achievements of the kids that have raced or fundraised this season, and summarizes the overall mission of the foundation going forward. For $10, get a great picture book and know that 100% of your contribution goes to Miracles of Mitch, supporting children battling cancer and their families! For more information on the foundation, visit the Miracles of Mitch homepage.

Purchase the Miracles of Mitch Photo Book Here

Introducing the 1st Groundbreaking Aero Wheel-Tire System!

We just became the 1st shop in the Midwest to receive Mavic’s new super wheel, the Mavic CXR 80. Why is this so exciting? The CXR 80 is the first aero race wheel to utilize a seamless wheel-tire system that flows as a single system for triathlon, TT, and road racing use. The system uses the CX01 blade that closes the gap between the rim and tire, creating an advantage of 1.25 sec. / kilometer to the nearest competitor’s wheel. That savings alone is phenomenal given all of the great aero wheelsets that are on the market currently! The CX01 blade is a pliable, durable, and reflective cover that has never been seen on the consumer market until now, but has been endorsed by some of the fastest road and TT teams on the Euro-tour.

Aside from the blade, these wheels have incredible stiffness, featuring a full carbon 3k weave, making them responsive and nimble throughout various conditions. The front/rear hubs feature carbon center tubes with aluminum flanges and Mavic’s most precise bearings to further reduce resistance.

Come in to marvel at this wheelset or become the first person in the Midwest to ride a pair! The wheelset comes with tires, the CX01 blades, skewers, and a wheel bag for $2700. You can view these exclusively at Gear West Bike!

Minnesota Multisport Awards Night Set for Nov. 10th

Saturday November 10th, 6 to 9pm, at Gear West Bike & Triathlon

  Join us to celebrate another great multisport season! Mingle with your fellow triathletes, enjoy appetizers, drinks, and a brief presentation to honor our Minnesota Multisport Award Winners.  All are welcome but space is limited so sign up early to reserve your spot. Cost is $15 per person.

You may register up to 4 attendees on the same secure form using the same payment method. If you are able to complete the form your registration has been accepted and you will receive an email with parking instructions etc 1-2 days prior to the event.