2014 Felt IA

First reactions in the triathlon community to the new Felt IA have run the gamut from “ugliest bike I’ve seen” to “I need one… now!”. Regardless of whether you like the aesthetics of the IA’s deep tube shapes and low seat stays, it is one fast bike. IA stands for integrated aero and the IA is now Felt’s flagship model for triathlon bikes. According to Felt the new IA tested 20% faster in the wind tunnel than the Felt DA and was ridden by Miranda Carfrae last year on her way to victory at Kona.

Providing the structural integrity of the IA’s slippery shape, Felt used a new carbon layup process with a material they have named UHC Nano TeXtreme. TeXtreme carbon is made using flat tapes of carbon instead of yarns or fiber. This is important because it allows the engineers to pack more fibers into a given area. The end result is more carbon fiber and less resin which allows for the same structural integrity while cutting up to half the weight.

This week we got our hands on two of these speed machines, a 54cm (already claimed) and a 51cm (still available!). We took some time to look over the bike in person and snapped a couple pictures. Take a look at some of Felt’s documents linked below if you are a technology geek, or come into the shop to take a look at triathlon’s fastest bike for yourself.

The Felt IA section of Felt’s Racing Development Line-up

Felt IA Technical Documents PDF (Tough to read, the document’s text is light gray on a white background.)

Textreme Carbon Fiber

2014 Felt IA
2014 Felt IA
2014 Felt IA
A very clean front end.
2014 Felt IA
The Cockpit
2014 Felt IA
2014 Felt IA

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