Gear West Goggle Tour

Every Day is a Goggle Tour at Gear West Bike

Some of you may have heard about the SlowTwitch goggle tour running for the next few months at various shops around the country: Slowtwitch Goggle Tour. Here’s the basic idea as described by Slowtwitch founder Dan Empfield, “Since a lot of swimming is going on in Slowtwitchland right now, we thought it a good time to establish, once and for all, your most comfortable, watertight, goggles with the lens and visibility you like best. All participating retailers will be stocked up on Aqua Sphere, blueseventy and Zoggs goggles as well as other goggles they may carry. Part of the ‘protocol’ here (all our virtual ‘Tours’ have their protocols) is that all participating stores will have demo goggles – out of the aftermarket packaging – for you to fit up to your face, so that you can make a seal (or fail to), check out the optics, the field of vision, lens distortion or (hopefully) the lack thereof.”

Great idea we say. And we don’t want to limit you to just a few weeks of goggle try-on or just a few brands.  It’s always been our everyday policy that customers are welcome to take goggles out of the packaging, try them on, test the seal, the tint, the optics.  And furthermore, if you purchase a pair of goggles from us and they don’t work for you, come on back in and we’ll take them back and find a replacement that does meet your needs.  Perhaps we haven’t done a great job communicating this policy so we wanted to let all of you now that you are welcome to come in for a “Goggle Tour” at your convenience. We have a great selection of goggles from Aquasphere, Blue Seventy and Zoggs (all included on the tour), as well as models from Speedo, TYR and Sable Water Optics.  Come on in and try a few on to see what you like.

The best way to compare goggles is to take them out of the package and try them on. You are looking for a comfortable fit and seal without having to over tighten the straps.  If you press the goggles to your face without the strap on you should feel some momentary suction indicating a secure seal.  Just a momentary suction is fine the goggles do not need to stay in place for long.

Here’s a sampling of what we carry and what might work well for you:

For Male Triathletes or People With Larger Faces – Blue Seventy Hydra-Vision, Aquasphere Kayenne (below), Aquasphere Kaiman or Kaiman Exo

Aquasphere Kayenne
Aquasphere Kayenne

For Male Triathletes or People With Smaller Faces – Blue Seventy Siren, Aquasphere Kayenne Lady or Small Kit, Aquasphere Kaiman or Kaiman Exo Lady or Small Fit

For those that Want the Very Best Optical Quality – Sable Water Optics 101

Sable Goggles
Sable Water Optics 101

For New Swimmers or Anxious Swimmers – Aquasphere Vista Mask

For Pool Swimmers and Traditionalists – Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 or Women’s Vanquisher, Blue Seventy Nero, Speedo Swedish Goggles

For Outdoor Swimmers that Desire Polarization – Zoggs Predator Flex (below), TYR Special Ops

Zoggs Predator Flex
Zoggs Predator Flex

For Kids – Aquasphere Kayenne Jr, Aqauasphere Vista Mask Jr, Blue Seventy Hydra-Vision Jr, Speedo Vanquisher Jr

After you try on a few goggle options checkout our full line of swim accessories: pull buoys, kickboards, nose clips, ear plugs, swimmer’s snorkels, swim watches and heart rate monitors, fins and paddles.  We also carry a full selection of men’s and women’s swimwear in sizes 28-40 in both Extra Life Lycra and Polyester from Blue Seventy, Speedo, Adidas, and Sugoi. And finally check out our library of Swimming Books and DVD’s from Velo Press and Total Immersion.

Stop in and check out our swim shop within the bike shop! – Gear West Bike & Tri Swim Shop

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