Aero Helmet Testing

Here is another edition of Gear West reviews by Lukas Pedersen,(Cinematography done by Sean Pease).

What I have chosen to review for this installment is an aero helmet. I chose to get the Lazer Tardiz because it fit me the best. It also comes in a ton of different colors that will compliment any kit or bike color. I purchased the Hawaiian edition because of how cool it is. Check it out!



Aero helmets can save you about 60 seconds over 40k. That means that in terms of cost you can’t get a better investment in time savings per dollar. Race wheels save more time, but they cost way more. (I do accept donations fyi.)

Now to review! This helmet fits very well. The dial on the top of the helmet is very easy to use even while on the bike. Turn it one way or the other and its adjusted! It also has a cap on the top that you can remove to use your water bottle and douse your head with water if you get too warm. I have never used it, but it’s there in case I need it.

I have used it in about a dozen races so far. I don’t have any issues of overheating because the helmet vents so well. The helmet goes on very quickly in transition, and if you get the visor that goes along with the helmet you don’t have to worry about your sunglasses either! Then while on the bike you hardly notice it is there.  It doesn’t jostle around or block my vision. The color scheme is great and when I pass people they don’t attempt a re-pass. They know how fast and cool the helmet is-they don’t stand a chance! Check out the video Sean and I made. I was going so fast! I have on the red and white one to match the GW kit and the Trek Speed Concept. My blue CEP socks are because I wish I was am so cool!

I have been highly impressed with this helmet. The structural integrity has not been tested here because I don’t really want to crash, nor do I want to crush my new helmet. If I do end up doing an impromptu test I will be sure to let you all know! I am not worried though because this helmet meets all the safety standards. The only reason I would purchase another helmet would be to get a different color scheme (such as the pink one), but if I do you better believe that it would be another Tardiz. Lazer makes a great helmet and the price is perfect.

Check out our test video:

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