Kevin & David Climb Mt. Lemmon

Photo by Lars Hammer CC BY 2.0

We’ve been holding down the fort up here in Long Lake while Kevin ‘Frozen Fingers’ and David ‘Saddle Sores’ attend a training week with SRAM/Zipp in Arizona. The shop is doing great and we are having a heckuva February, but it looks like the two boys are having a good, painfully cold, time in Arizona.

What are they doing while in Arizona you may ask?! Well, take a closer look at the EPIC climbing they did on Tuesday the 12th….”A Cold Ride In Hell!”

Wow, that is some beautiful landscape and some BIG efforts. Nice job guys, you make us proud (and mildly jealous). Looking forward to having you back in the shop, but enjoy your Arizona stay while you can.

Ride Specs

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013

We were pushing the envelope of tough or stupid, but that’s what makes an epic ride.” DKT

Ed–This reminds me of a recent quote I found while ice fishing up north:
“If you’re gonna be stupid, you better be tough!”

Temp at the bottom 55 F – start of climb

Temp at the top 19 F – star of descent

Total ride: 109 mile, 8 hours Mt Lemmon Climb to base of Mt Lemmon Ski Valley Road Turn off: 25 miles ~6000 ft of climbing ~9000 ft Altitude (Mt Lemmon observatory is 9157 ft)

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