Lukas Says….(staff write-up on CEP Socks)

Lukas loves compression. He says it’s like getting miniature hugs ALL DAY!

Every once in a while one of the staff here at Gear West Bike & Tri loves a product so much that they dream about it all day and night!  Luke asked if he could do a write-up about CEP compression socks, we said, “Of course you can young man!”.  So, here it is…in its entirety, edited for your sanity.


Compression socks you ask? You’ve heard of them. I know you’ve seen them. They are the fun socks that go all the way up to your knee (and no, I am not talking about tube socks from the 1970s). The socks I am reviewing are designed to give you a boost in performance and recovery.

Compression has been used by the medical community for many years.  The general idea is to compress the muscle which will dilate the veins. This increases the blood flow by up to 40%. More oxygen-rich blood=more performance and a faster recovery time. CEP’s parent company is Medi. It is a medical company that has 60+ years of experience.  They know what they are doing. CEP’s socks utilize graduated compression. They are tighter at the ankle and less tight at the calf. This helps push blood back to the heart and return with oxygen more quickly. CEP says that the socks increase performance by 5%. The socks don’t make you faster per se, but they do reduce time to fatigue by 5% allowing you to sustain a given pace for a longer period of time. That translates to faster times.  Enough of this though. Review time.

Deciding on a color was the first part. They come in white, black, green, blue, red, pink, and a cool neon green for night running. I went with the blue (although the neon ones were very tempting). They are sized based off the size of your calf muscle. So I measured and went with a size III. I put them on and I could feel them compressing my lower legs. It felt odd at first, but in a good way. I then headed out the door on my run. It was the first of many.

I have now used the socks many, many times. I have run in them and also slept in them a couple of times (I made sure they were clean first. I wash them with all my other training clothes and hang dry them).  I find that the socks make me feel better during runs of longer than 1 hour.  I didn’t get the heavy leg feeling during the later part of my runs like I have before. I was able to sustain my pace for longer into the run. Another place I really found these socks to shine was after my ½ marathon. If you’re like me you never stretch after a workout or race. Usually after a workout or race I wake up with my calves feeling as though there are stones in them. I decided that I was going to wear my socks to bed after the race; as geeky and odd as it seems to be. I was crawling into bed with socks on and was a bit odd. Although, when I woke up my calf muscles didn’t feel as though they were destroyed! In fact, they felt fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised.

My conclusion? Awesome! I wear them all the time now. I got another pair so I can rotate socks. I don’t want to wear the same pair everyday because nobody likes stinky feet. I like to use them while working at the shop and while working out. I am not alone in this either. Most of us have a pair, or two, now. They hold up very well. They are simple and they work!



Ed — There ya go folks!  Lukas loves them and so will you.  CEP compression gear is the best, and it works great.  You can see more CEP product and information HERE.

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