2013 Gear West Bike & Triathlon Multisport Calendars Have Arrived!


Yes, they made it…and, they look great! We kept a pretty good secret as to whom was going to adorn the cover of the 2013 calendar. Did you know, or have any idea of who it would be? Did you think it would be the very friendly, super talented, awesomely fast Heidi Keller-Miler? Well, it is…and she earned it.

We suggest that you stop into the shop very soon and pick up your copy of the multisports calendar so you can really begin your training and racing schedule. It’s a fantastic tool to help keep all the wonderful multisport races in check and in one place. As you know, planning is essential to having an exceptional season of racing…so let’s get planning.

While you’re here, feel free to take a look around, check out some of the great bike sales we have going, and check out some of the new 2013 road and TT bikes that are trickling in. We are excited to embrace a new year of racing, riding, running and swimming. Are you excited too?

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