Inaugural Gear West Bike Swap…It’s Happening!

Here’s how simple the Gear West Trade-In Your Turkey program is…  Bring in your old rig that just doesn’t cut it as your triathlon bike anymore.  We’ll evaluate it, give you a quote, and apply that amount toward the purchase of your new bike.  This is an easy, hassle-free way for you to unload that ride, free up some cash and purchase a new bike.  We’ve got lots of bikes to chose from, most of them year-end sale models along with some remaining 2011 demo bikes.  Your trade-in will save you even more on these already great values.
What’s your bike worth?  We will offer you a fair market price for your used bike – what we think we’ll be able to turn around and sell it for on ebay.  We’ll take on the burden of having a mechanic check-over your old bike, pay all the fees associated with listing it, pay the selling fees and take on the responsibility of shipping and insuring the bike to its new owner.  Bottom line… We want to sell you a new bike this autumn.  We are not looking to make money by buying and re-selling used bikes.

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