Introducing the 1st Groundbreaking Aero Wheel-Tire System!

We just became the 1st shop in the Midwest to receive Mavic’s new super wheel, the Mavic CXR 80. Why is this so exciting? The CXR 80 is the first aero race wheel to utilize a seamless wheel-tire system that flows as a single system for triathlon, TT, and road racing use. The system uses the CX01 blade that closes the gap between the rim and tire, creating an advantage of 1.25 sec. / kilometer to the nearest competitor’s wheel. That savings alone is phenomenal given all of the great aero wheelsets that are on the market currently! The CX01 blade is a pliable, durable, and reflective cover that has never been seen on the consumer market until now, but has been endorsed by some of the fastest road and TT teams on the Euro-tour.

Aside from the blade, these wheels have incredible stiffness, featuring a full carbon 3k weave, making them responsive and nimble throughout various conditions. The front/rear hubs feature carbon center tubes with aluminum flanges and Mavic’s most precise bearings to further reduce resistance.

Come in to marvel at this wheelset or become the first person in the Midwest to ride a pair! The wheelset comes with tires, the CX01 blades, skewers, and a wheel bag for $2700. You can view these exclusively at Gear West Bike!

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