Tweet Your Way onto Triathlon’s First Mustache Relay

Thinking of calling it a year? Hold on. You have an opportunity to make history. Join Devon Palmer, professional triathlete and proud mustache owner, as he is looking to build a mustachioed relay team for the upcoming St Croix Olympic race in Hudson on September 1st. Who does he want on his team? You. He will throw down on the bike and you can swim or run.
What do you have to do to make the team?
1. Join Twitter (
2. Follow Devon on twitter (search for @dpalmertri and click follow)
3. Send a tweet (start the tweet with @dpalmertri) with your first and last name, indicate whether you want to swim or run using a hashtag (#swim or #run), finish with a short and clever explanation of why you belong on the team
4. If you currently own a fine mustache, please attach a photo with the tweet. If you do not own a mustache, please be prepared to sharpie one on for the race!
Your tweet will look like this:
@dpalmertri Ryan Lochte, #swim, pick me for my charming conversation skillz, jeah
Remember, no mustache no problem we’ll fix that with sharpie on race day. He is looking for clever teammates so please make sure your explanation reflects your brilliant command of the english language. Alliteration always gets good points with him.
Send your tweet as soon as possible. Devon will review all candidates carefully and select a winning squad based on awesomeness. Speed, gender, age will not be deciding factors. If you are busy that weekend you should still join twitter and follow him, @dpalmertri, to keep abreast of all current events in the Minnesota multisport community.
D Palms will make an announcement as soon as he has found the most suitable swimmer and runner to complete the team.

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