Power Pedals are on Their Way NOW!

Be one of the first cyclists in North America to ride the Polar LOOK Keo Power pedals. We are excited to announce that Gear West Bike & Triathlon will have a pair of the power pedals next week as the dream of a power based pedal finally becomes a reality in the cycling world.

The Keo Power measures accurate power output in watts from both right and left pedals separately, highlighting imbalances and total efficiency through eight embedded strain gauges in the pedals. Like crank and hub based units currently on the market, the Polar LOOK Keo Power pedals have a +/- 2% accuracy rate. Unlike other units, this tool is able to calculate Cycling Efficiency Indexes, showing how efficiently a cyclist is converting their effort in a forward motion.

Why ride a pedal based power unit? The Polar LOOK Keo system includes the Polar P5 transmitter, LOOK Keo Power pedals, and the Polar CS600X or CS500 cycling computers. With this minimum weight and highly accurate power package, switching the unit between bikes has never been so simple. Additionally, it works with any wheel, crankset, or bike on the market.

Come in next week and discover what all the rage is about. We will have the Polar LOOK power package including the CS600X computer for $2495 early next week! You can also choose to use the CS500 computer or order the pedals without the head unit for $200 less.

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