Newton Natural Run Clinic (Thursday, May 17th) @ Gear West Ski & Run

Newton Natural Run Clinic
Thursday, May 17 at Gear West Ski & Run
4:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Learn to run stronger, faster, and more efficiently with less injury! Newton Tech Rep Justin Dyszelski will be administering this clinic, as well as and answering all of your questions regarding the Newton brand. Justin is a Certified Natural Running Coach and 3 time Ironman finisher, including the Ironman World Championships.
Natural running is about learning how we were meant to run. Shoes offer protection from unnatural surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, however they also allow us to change our stride in a way that is less efficient causing us to become prone to injury. The recent barefoot running phenomenon can help correct poor form habits. Unfortunately barefoot shoes work only as a shield between one’s foot and the ground surface and do not offer the benefit of shock absorption. If used as an everyday running shoe, these shoes can also potentially lead one to injury.
Natural running provides the same benefits as barefoot running, while still offering protection of shoes.
Join Gear West Run & Ski along with rep Justin Dyszelski for this excellent learning opportunity.

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