Participate in the Tri Team Championship July 21st

Calling all Gear West Tri Club Members!!! Now is your time to assemble a team and become the first annual tri club national champions. What could be better than bringing home hardware with some of your friends? If you are interested, please read the following from race director Henry Praska:

I would  like to formally invite triathlon clubs throughout Minnesota to participate in  the 1st Annual Tri Team Championship©. It  will take place on Saturday July 21st, 2012 at the “Tri for a Cause”  triathlon in Crosby, MN. This event is an additional layer of competition  amongst Minnesota’s triathlon clubs. How it works is as follows.

When someone registers for “Tri  for a Cause” they will be asked if they belong to a triathlon club; if  they do, they simply type in the club that they belong to and finish their  registration. They are now registered for theTri Team Championship©above and beyond the normal triathlon  competition.

On  race day all participants regardless if they are part of theTri Team Championship© will race “Tri for a Cause” just as they would any  other triathlon. Everyone will still be eligible for overall finisher and age  group awards. Where the Tri Team Championship© comes into play is if  they are registered for this event and they finish in the top three overall or  the top five in their age bracket they will earn points for their triathlon  club. The triathlon club that has the most points at the end of the race will be  deemed theTri Team Championship© for that year.

So  what are the incentives? If your triathlon club wins they will be placed in the  annals of triathlon history by having a placard on the Tri Team Championship  Trophy© which will be a traveling trophy. If they choose to they can take  it back to their hometown to display and show off their achievement until the  following year.Each person on the winning team regardless if they earned  points, will stand on the podium and receive a Tri Team Championship Medal©. The winning team will also take home a monetary prize that they can put  towards training equipment, team jerseys, or whatever they see fit. Even more  importantly the winning team will have bragging rights as being the Tri Team  Champions© for the year.

That basically sums up theTri Team Championship©concept. I believe this event will bring a whole new level of  excitement, competition and camaraderie to the triathlon community of  Minnesota. I look forward to seeing everyone this summer at the 1st Annual  Tri Team Championship© !


Henry Praska              
Tri for A Cause Race Director

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