Set a Land Speed Record: Bell Javelin Helmets are In-Stock!

Make way for Bell’s new TT super helmet that is now on the market. Not only is this wind-tunnel and real-world proven to be an aerodynamic rocket, but it is also very well ventilated and easy to get on in transition! What a concept. Not to mention, it is offered at an outstanding price point ($200) that is right in line with the competition. Check it out:

Not visible in this picture are the two front vents and a smoke colored face shield that makes this helmet extremely sleek from the front. Unlike some other shield compatible helmets on the market, the Javelin’s shield sits at the optimal distance away from your face for ventilation and visibility. If you do not care for the face shield, it is easily removable. Below, you can see the rear ventilation that allows air to flow freely through the entire helmet.

This helmet will fit securely on your head with the Twin Axis Gear locking mechanism and light-weight webbing. This system allows for micro adjustments on the fly. X-Static padding will guarantee that the helmet won’t grow bacteria and smell like your kid’s hockey bag within the matter of weeks.

Clear some room in your tri/time trial nerdery budget and come see us to check out this aero-super helmet! Currently we have it in Black/Red, Graphite, and White/Silver!

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