Fast Friends? New Challenges. Chance to Win Sweet Gear.

Do you have fast friends? If so, here is a challenge for MADE for you! Try to put together a triathlon relay to beat someone who can swim, bike, and run extremely fast in succession.

Many single sport athletes look at a triathlete’s splits and they seem pretty slow.  However, get out on the race course, and it becomes evident that the best in the sport of Triathlon are fast at all 3 disciplines.  The best triathletes are not only fast swimmers, but  they’re great at open water swimming.  They’ve mastered the art of bike handling, and their running pace off the bike is nothing short of amazing.

This is why Gear West Bike & Tri believes in David’s abilities as a Professional Triathlete that we are willing to give away his equipment. (Learn more about DKT)

Simply register your relay team to compete against David Thompson on the same course at the same time.  All you need to do is have a relay team with a faster official finishing time than David’s finishing time and your team will win the following items:

  1.  1 Blue Seventy PZ3TX Swim Skin or Reaction John Wetsuit.
  2.  1 Pair of Continental GP4000 Tires or a Giro Savant Helmet.
  3.  1 Pair of Run Shoes valued up to $100 at Gear West Ski and Run store.
  4.  Free entry into the same event the following year for your team or one team member.

To view the 2012 DKT Challenge Schedule, further event details, and David’s PR’s on each of these courses please visit our site.

*Note: By registering on our site for the DKT Challenge, you are simply announcing that you and your teammates will be competing against David Thompson at any of the four races on the schedule. You must still register at each official race site in-order to actually participate in the race. Gear West Bike and Triathlon does not direct any of the races on the schedule and cannot register you for any of the mentioned races.

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