What you SHOULD do on a Cloudy Windswept Day

Winter is here…well sort of… So for some, multisport events are back of mind. However, some of Minnesota’s most popular races are open for registration as we speak. A couple of the events will even fill long before spring is even a thought! By registering for events now you will receive a couple of benefits

1) You save some serious money on entries.
2) You have racing to look forward to which makes  goals even that much more attainable during the unmotivating months of winter.
3) You guarantee that you won’t miss some of the most sought after events on the calendar for 2012.
4) You start 2012 with fitness on your mind, no need to join a health club or try a crash diet.

The races that are open are 1) Pigman Sprint 2) Gear West Duathlon 3) Waconia Triathlon 4) Lifetime Minneapolis 5) Trinona 6) Manitou (and the entire OHP series of events).

If you know you “want” to do any of these great local events, don’t hold out until a later date. Register and save yourself some serious money, while also generating some motivation / excitement for the 2012 race season!




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