Give a Garmin 910XT & Get a $20 Gift Card

The new Garmin Forerunner 910XT  is going to be an unparalleled tool for those that swim, bike, run or do all three. Data analysis has never been so thorough or easy to access before this sleek new watch expected to become available in January 2012.

We are so amped about this new multisport watch that for a limited time, you can pre-order the Garmin 910XT through Gear West Bike and receive a $20 gift certificate. In order to qualify for the gift card, orders must be paid in full. Orders will be filled as soon as the product is available from Garmin which is slated for January 2012.

Read about this revolutionary gps unit and give your loved ones a gift that has to do with their health!

One thought on “Give a Garmin 910XT & Get a $20 Gift Card

  1. I just emailed you about this… suspicious timing! Sign me up for one please and just let me know how to pay (i.e. call the shop or online or what?).

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