Aero Super Bike: 2012 Cervelo S5

2012 bikes have been trickling in weekly which brings anticipation for next spring. We know, the torture of sitting through the cold or spending hours on the trainer hasn’t even begun yet! Today we received the new 2012 Cervelo S5, the aero superbike for road and multisport athletes. Let me tell you, this thing is legit and like nothing seen from other road manufacturers! Here is a tech run-down and a few pictures from the build stand.

Lets start with the head tube and down tube (or the front area of the bike).

As you can tell, the down tube is lowered on this bike, creating less space behind the fork, minimizing turbulence and smoothing airflow from the fork to the frame. Overall, this makes the bike sleeker from the front end. Additionally, as seen below, the S5’s head tube is shaped like an hourglass, making that front end just a little bit smaller overall.

The rear triangle (seen below) also has an extended cutout that achieves many of the same goals for airflow. The other thing that can be seen in this picture is Cervelo’s use of different bottle mount positions. If you have one bottle, mounting it on the lowest two down tube bolts hides the bottle from any drag that may occur due to the shape of the tubing and position of the bottle itself. In this position, you can still easily reach the water bottle during a race or training ride.

Another thing that is pretty cool from a performance standard is the single bend cable routing, translating into better shifting. Going in from the top, the derailleur shift cable only makes one turn before being spit out the rear guide hole. Here is the top internal routing entrance for the shift and brake cables.

Overall, we are looking for greatness out of the S5. With two seat tube angle positions, the extreme aero design of the frame, and the torsional rigidity unlike anything in its class, this bike should rock the road and multisport scene. As far as multisport, this bike could be an awesome option for that person that does 3-4 triathlons or duathlons per year and just loves putting in ride time away from the multisport race scene. For road, this bike would be an excellent choice for any type of rider looking for a high performance extremely responsive performer that can be taken anywhere with no compromises.

Right now we have in a 54cm Team S5 and we are getting a full run of these bikes along with one that will feature the Ultegra Electronic (Di2) shifting. Come in and see this revolutionary spectical!

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