Gear West Bike Wins BRAINy Award for Best Tri Shop

We were thrilled to receive the BRAINy Award for the best
triathlon shop at Gear West Bike. Triathlon is in our blood; it’s what we are
the most passionate about. That is why we continue to place the majority of our
resources into the sport. Minnesota and the Midwest in general have incredible
triathlon races and a great community full of triathletes. It makes focusing on
triathlon easy and incredibly fulfilling.

Some 250 people attended an invite only event where Bicycle
Retailer and Industry News recognized the cycling industry’s Top 100 Retailers. They also handed out BRAINy Awards to outstanding shops in select categories at the reception. Of the top 100 retailers, 70 joined the festivities.  And 37 of the 43 Five-Star retailers also were present.

So what does it take to be recognized as a Top 100 retailer or win a BRAINy Award? The list of U.S cycling shops was compiled by market research firm Leisure Trends Group, which sent out online ballots in July to sales representatives from 30 leading bicycle and accessory companies. Reps were invited to nominate top shops in their territory based on market share, store appearance, and community outreach.  This year, additional merit was given for
industry involvement, including membership in advocacy groups and attendance at trade events.  Scores were then tallied to determine the top 100 List.

This year, the nomination process was also opened up so retailers, especially those in smaller towns or who own smaller shops, could nominate themselves. In addition to the top 100, reps helped select the BRAINy retail winners this year by nominating shops in each category.”


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