Bright for a Nite: Gear to Keep You Off Someone’s Grill

As daylight continues to fade, you cannot be bright enough while running or cycling at dusk or dawn. This includes putting lights on your bike and wearing as much reflective gear as possible. In the last few weeks we have received some awesome reflective products from IllumiNITE. IllumiNITE makes retro-reflective clothing for active use. What is retro-reflective? Retro-reflective gear is stylish during the day and highly reflective at night. Thus, you don’t have to look like a road worker to be super visible and safe while cycling and running (See Below).

As you can see, this fleece windproof running hat lights up instantly just with the flash of a camera. Without a camera flash, the gear looks like normal performance outwear (as seen below).

We have plenty of reflective men’s and women’s products to choose from including jackets, tights, vests, balaclavas, and other thermal wear to keep you warm and visible. These products range in price from $25 to $100. Come in and see what Illumite has to offer as the days get shorter and shorter!

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