Outstanding Season for Gear West Development Team

To date, the women raced a combined 42 times in the region this year according
to the leader board.  The men raced a combined 64 times.  Thanks for the
effort. As you can see from the number of victories below, the ladies brought home hardware 31% of the time and the guys brought home a podium place 33% of the time. Awesome job to all those who raced this season! Congrats on a very successful season and thank you for your effort!

Here is a straight breakdown of numbers and MMS points. Park
Tool Fall Du, Dousman Du, One Last Tri, Osceola Du, Treadman Du, Peregrine
Charities Tri, and Green Bay Du have yet to be added to the list and may shake up the standings a little bit. If you didn’t notice, Devon and Brett
are tied.  Devon gets the go ahead for winning a MMS race.

Female GWBT Victories: 13
Male GWBT Victories: 21

Womens Standings
1    Becky Youngberg    1580
2    Suzie Finger    1080
3    Kortney Haag    850
4    Julie Hull    710
5    Heidi Miler    540
6    Cathy Yndestad    660
7    Julia Weisbecker    210
8    Marta Lewinski    160

Mens Standings
1    Dan Hedgecock    1780
2    Kevin O’Connor    1060
3    David Thompson    890
4    Brooks Grossinger    710
5    Chad Millner    570
6    Devon Palmer    420
7    Brett Lovaas    420
8    Thad Ingersoll    370
9    Ross Weinzierl    130
10    Brian Bich    120

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