Weekend Deals for Triathletes, Cyclists, and Recreational Riders

Just because you were stuck in the office or (cough) couldn’t call in sick, we have you covered. Even with the four people camped outside at 6:30 am (yes, we witnessed it as we cycled by. Dan, our Garage Sale virgin, was so surpised by the customer enthusiasm that he crashed into Jared, scuffing his jacket and hip!) we have some surprises up our sleeve for anyone who loves cycling!!

We will have options for everyone all weekend long even!! Aside from the Felt demo bikes posted and our rental fleet, we have also pulled over 18 different road and triathlon bikes from our floor and placed them at fantastic prices for the garage sale. If you need Zipp race wheels, we have odds and ends starting at $1100. WOAH! If that doesn’t catch your eye and motivate you to go faster, nothing will. Most Zipp wheels start at $2300 MSRP! Aside from bikes and wheels, we also have some great clothing pieces for all types of cycling. If nothing on the bargain racks catch your eye, we are discounting all of the summer clothing in-store by 20% or more!

Stop out to Long Lake and pay us a visit this weekend. We promise it will be worth your while. Even without a purchase, you can qualify to win a $500 shopping spree! Simply fill out a card with your name and email address for your chance to win.

We will be open regular hours for the sale (Sat. 10-5pm / Sun. 12-4).

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