Join us this Weekend for the Annual Gear West Bike Garage Sale!

This coming weekend (September 16th – 18th), there will be plenty of things to get excited about during our annual Gear West Bike Garage Sale. We have gotten ahold of over two dozen Felt demo bikes that are in EXCELLENT condition and feature a full warranty from Felt. These bikes have been looked after by Felt’s professional mechanics and finely tuned by our crew to be sold well below the original retail price. Check out the list below:

As you can see in this list of bikes, we are also selling our rental equipment this year at fantastic prices! All of the rental bikes are being sold along with our Quintana Roo Ultrajohn Wetsuits and Zipp rental wheels! Now is your chance to jump on a “like new” set of race wheels or a wetsuit at an incredible price! We will have “at least” one size run of each wetsuit for $100 Here are the prices for the Zipp rental wheels:

Have you been looking to train with power during the off-season? The price of entry will be lower for this weekend only. We will have fantastic deals on Powertap hubs, package specials, and Sram SRM cranksets. There is not a better way to get more out of your cycling than training with power during the off-season! Just ask one of us.

If your gear is all worn out and you need some new clothing, now is the time to find a great deal on cycling and triathlon apparel! We will have year-end clearance prices on everything in-store as well as unbeatable deals on all sorts of odds and ends that will make the trip to Long Lake more than worth the effort!

Plus, did we mention that everyone who comes out will be eligible to win a $500 shopping spree! All you have to do is place your name in the box!

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