2011 Mosquitoman Duathlon Cancelled

Due to a couple unforeseen planning complications this year, Mosquitoman Duathlon is cancelled for 2011. Although we announce this with some disappointment, we believe that it is the correct decision to make. We continually strive to produce events that are top-notch and professional in every aspect. With difficulties surrounding the bike and run courses, we simply could not put together a course that satisfied our standards of race excellence.

For those of you that have already registered for the race, you will be issued a
refund no later than 08/22/11. You should see the correct amount returned to
your card within the next 3 days after the refund is issued. In the future, we
hope that we can offer a unique and exciting multisport race in the fall. We
appreciate your support and enthusiasm in regards to our shop, the multisport
community, and cycling.

If you have any questions regarding Mosquitoman Duathlon, please feel free
to contact Brett (brett@gearwestbike.com) or Kevin (Kevin@gearwestbike.com).

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