You Don’t Have to be an Elite to Win $2000 at GWB Sponsored Races!

Summer is going by quickly as we are already through most of June. So far, all of the races have gone off without a hitch and there have been plenty of things to celebrate at each race. Aside from the consistently deep competition, non-elite athletes have had the opportunity to win many door prizes including a Quintana Roo Kilo ($1500 Value), Quintana Roo Ultrajohn ($200 Value), Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer ($330 Value), and the Gear West Gear Bag ($1000 Value) filled with tons of cool items!

The cool thing about these give-aways is that any participant can win! All you have to do is stay for the awards and listen for your number to get drawn. If you win, you have the choice between that item or a gift certificate to be redeemed in-store. Check out some of this years winners below and become the next beaming face at the awards!

Aside from these smiling faces, we also got an awesome email from Adam Ankrum telling us how the Gear West Tri Bag really came in handy organizing all of his gear at the Green Bay Triathlon, check it out!

“I wanted to introduce myself and thank you and your Gear West
staff/athletes. I won the Gear West tri bag and goodies at the Apple Duathlon last
weekend. Yesterday at the Green Bay (WI) long course triathlon I felt like a real
organized triathlete with my new bag and was that much more organized and ready
for racing. Best of all I actually won the triathlon for my 1st ever tri victory – the
bag must have helped give me some good mojo!”

Congrats on your first triathlon victory Adam. Although the bag may have only helped calm the pre-race jitters and your organizational skills, we are glad you love it!

Lastly, we love being able to hold drawings after each race and make the day of some hopeful triathlete standing in the crowd. But, none of this would be possible without the great partnerships that we have with each company. Many thanks to Quintana Roo, Blue Seventy, Kurt Kinetic, Power Bar, Lazer, Fuel Belt, Continental, Bontrager, Yankz, Tifosi, and Banjo Brothers. Yes, the list is long, but the give-aways wouldn’t happen without the participation of these companies!

Train Smart, Race Hard!


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