Midwest Multisport Updates and Award Winners!

Well, as of last weekend, we are now three races deep in the Midwest Multisport Series. As always, this series has seen a tremendous depth at both the male and female elite level, showcasing some of Minnesota’s best multi-sport athletes. For the guys, Dan Hedgecock has continued to lead the way, beating out Patrick Parish at Gear West Duathlon, and dropping the elite level mark at Pigman Sprint. He finished in under 1 hour and 2 minutes at Pigman, setting a smoking time and a new standard for elite amateur athletes. Typically, this type of performance is only seen by the pro’s and has been done twice by DKT. This was nothing short of stellar. We are looking forward to following Dan for the rest of the year!

For the ladies, the competition has been a little more spread out. We have seen some great performances from Michelle Andres, Claire Bootsma, and Suzie Finger at the Gear West Duathlon. At Apple Du, Julie Hall was also in the mix with Suzie running it in for a dominating first place performance. At Pigman, the attention was focused on local triathletes. Tami Ritchie and Daniela Williams, both of Iowa, put in great times. Kimberly Earnest rounded out the podium in 3rd place, traveling to the race from Missouri. Although the Midwest Multisport Series reaches far beyond the elite level, offering great races for all abilities, it has been fun to see the competition evolve over the years.

Coming up next is Manitou Triathlon this weekend. Look for Dan Hedgecock, Devon Palmer, Kevin O’Connor, and Patrick Parish to compete neck and neck. For the ladies,  cheer on some of the elites such as Claire Bootsma, Suzie Finger, Marta Lewinski, and Jenny Shaugnessy. Cheering and viewing is extremely easy at Manitou, with a great beach and flat / open run for spectators to get their triathlon fix!

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