How to Make Your Lazer Tardiz EVEN MORE Aerodynamic

In the last week, we got in a new secret weapon that was unveiled by the Kelly Benefit Strategies pro cycling team during the Tour of California stage 6 time trial. Lazer’s Aeroshell is a sleek plastic cover that is designed to fit perfectly over their Tardiz, O2, Genesis, and Helium helmets. The shell protects riders from the chill of wind, rain and cold, but still offers air movement for those warm summer time trials with rear ventilation.

For time trials, this shell can increase the aerodynamic benefits of the Tardiz helmet by smoothing airflow over the top of the helmet, sealing the front vents. What if you don’t have a Tardiz? Well if you have an O2, Genesis or Helium helmet, you can increase the aerodynamics of it to bring it up to par against those with aero helmets.

Swing in and check out this nifty little aero weapon that is only $20!

Also, check out how slick it looks on the Kelly Benefit helmets during the Tour of California!

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