We Are Testing the Waters….Shop Ride this Sunday 4:00pm Sharp!

We have heard plenty of requests for a shop ride to be resurrected so we are going to give it a try this Sunday @ 4pm sharp. We would love to see you out for a nice 1.5 to 2 hr ride with us! The ride will meet at the shop and we will likely head west, covering some great roads through Orono, Medina, Independence and the surrounding area. If you are interested, here are a couple of ground rules.

– There will be two of us leading the ride (1 leading and 1 sweeping)

Road bikes only! Yes, we are a triathlon shop, but these bikes are not good for riding in a group or drafting.

Road cycling rules will apply. Please don’t ride multiple riders abreast, ride single file when shoulders are narrow, follow all traffic signs, never make uncourteous gestures towards drivers…ect. Remember, we are testing the waters on this ride. We want to host more rides but don’t want issues while cycling. This is for enjoyment away from work.

– This ride will be a 19 mph average meaning we will be between 18-20mph the majority of the ride. Gear West Bike nor the leaders are responsible for getting you back to the shop if you are dropped. On a different note, we don’t need heroes sprinting off the front…this should be a good steady pace that is enjoyable for conversation.

Need nutrition prior to the ride? Show up at 3:45pm to purchase items. We close at 4pm.

– Please bring the necessities you need to repair a flat. You are responsible for your own equipment, nutrition, or repair items on the road.

– We are volunteering our time to set this ride up. We want it to be fun for everyone involved. Please be respectful of that as we are looking to encourage cycling enjoyment. If you don’t like the route or pace that we have chosen then please don’t come.

Lastly, tell all of your friends and lets get a pack! We are excited to bring this back potentially throughout the entire summer.

Any questions, please contact Brett@gearwestbike.com

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