Catch Her if You Can! Interview with Speedster Kate Lowrey

Recently, MJET’s triathlete and Gear West Bike employee Kate Lowrey was recognized nationally as the #1 youth elite female athlete for the 2010 season! Since Kate is so humble and you would never know she is a rising star in the local and national triathlon scene, we had to corner her into an interview. Staying true to her performance on the course, Kate kept her game face on all the way through, no matter how cheesy we made the questions! Here is what she had to say.

GWB: Kate, first off, I must say congratulations on being ranked the #1 Youth Female Elite Triathlete in 2010. That is a spectacular accomplishment! What are a couple of things you worked on to have such a break-out season? Did you ask your parents for a raise in allowance?  

KL: Haha no, I don’t get an allowance. I have a job at Gear West! I did work really hard on biking and keeping my swim as strong as possible! 

GWB:Tell us about some of your season highlights and key learnings from 2010?

KL: A key learning for me was Relearning my flying dismount…struggle. Finally I had it down, thanks to Coach Kris’ help. The first time I raced with the new technique it went great but I had too much speed and tripped. Mild road rash and a win by over 30 seconds was the result of that race! That counts as a key learning and highlight, right?

GWB: Since you are such a fast swimmer and a technologically savvy high school student, can we expect text message updates this year as you roll out of T1?

KL: I’m not very coordinated, so I’ll leave that up to Coach Kris and the ‘rents.

GWB: Your off-season appears to have gone pretty well by the looks of your swim and bike in Clermont, what are some of the things that you focused on?

KL: Biking, biking and more biking!! The compu-trainer and I became good friends. I really tried to incorporate some strength training as well, which I feel like has helped a lot!

GWB: How does it feel to pass 80% of the male field that is at least twice your age?  Do they ever draft off you on the bike?

KL: I don’t really notice it. Honestly, I look at every person as a competitor during a race.  I do my best to be a good sport but, on the race course I have my game face on and I just want to pass you. Haha. If the guys do draft off of me I don’t notice….I should probably pay more attention to that!

GWB: Kate, since your dad works for Ford and you obviously know their product line so well; give us a little preview of how fast your bike splits will be this year. Are they going to be like a Ford Focus (efficient and reliable) or like a Mustang (full of speed and horse power)?

KL: Ideally I want both!! I want to be the Mustang and have a lot of power, but on the flip side I want to be a Focus and use that power efficiently so that I go fast for a long time!  Best of both worlds right there!

GWB: Since you are now a fellow employee at Gear West Bike, do we need to buy more Sharpie markers for autographs this season?

KL: If you think I’ll need it then yeah sure!