New Aero Super Helmet has Arrived!

In the era of rapid aerodynamic improvements, Louis Garneau  has released a new TT / triathlon helmet that is challenging all others on the market. The LG Vortice helmet (pictured below) has a radical new shape packed with a lot of technology and long-tested research.

One of the most easily noticed features of this helmet is the golf ball texturized surface on the front of the helmet. This helps achieve better airflow close to the helmet. In addition to the dimpled texture, there are small blades at the surface of the helmet (vortex generators) creating vortices that energize the laminate layer, improving aerodynamic performance.

On top of the aerodynamic benefits, triathletes will be impressed by this helmet’s breezy ventilation system. To compliment aerodynamic improvements, the vent opening must be positioned just right. When riding into a headwind, the air must change direction and go around the helmet, creating a pressure zone in front of the helmet. Thus, the Vortice’s center vent is positioned just right. But wait, it gets better. Inside the helmet, there are multiple evacuation channels, allowing the airflow to move around the cyclists head and out the back of the helmet, reducing heat build-up. Below is a picture of what the helmet looks like from the front, highlighting the center vent.

Other notable features include a super-light Spiderlock SL adjustment system, washable air dry padding, and the Vortice ventilated lens to improve aerodynamic performance. Stop in to the shop and check this helmet out, it is the real deal!

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