Powerman Power Data from Kevin’s Bike

Two weekends ago, DKT and Kevin traveled to Alabama to race in the Powerman Duathlon. Even before he stopped limping from putting in a hard race effort, Kevin sung nothing but praises regarding this race. Team Magic did an excellent job with the race production and Powerman offers a challenging but not over the top hard race course to tackle.

For the bike leg, it is an out and back 20K route which is ridden three times. The bike course features perfect roads with never-ending rolling hills, including two large hills in each direction. Here is a graph of Kevin’s power data below.

To view any of the segments in a little bit larger size, click on the image. Overall, it appears like Kevin paced himself very well throughout the entire 60k course. You can see the rise and fall of his power output in line with the rolling terrain that he encountered. Overall, his average power was 296 watts. His normalized power (power output while actually placing strain on the pedals) was 306 watts. If you were to draw a horizontal line through his power graph, you would see a slight increase of power overall as he went down the course. If he would have went out too hard, you would have seen a fall in overall power by the end of the 60K.

You can see the same increases and decreases in cadence throughout the rolling course, with an overall average of 85 rpms. For an early season duathlon, Kevin’s power readings and effort are impressive. His performance was good enough to place him in the top 3 for amateur elites. Congrats!

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