Your Checklist for a Worry Free Spring Ride

Finally, we have some nicer weather coming this way over the weekend and through next week. With that said, many of you will probably be itching to get out on the roads soon. Here is a checklist to ensure that your first ride is worry free and mechanically sound.

Correct Tire Pressure?

Every set of tires has the recommended tire pressure range stamped or printed on the side wall. If you are a smaller or lighter weight rider, it is recommended that you stay in the lower recommended range for tire pressure. If you are slightly heavier, you will want to ride the tires on the upper end of that recommended range. To ensure that your tires are properly inflated, use a pump that displays the tire pressure (psi) clearly. If you don’t have a pump, stop in and check out some of the easy-to-use and super reliable options that we have in-stock from Bontrager and Blackburn

Drivetrain Lubed?

After a couple of months on the trainer or in storage, your chain may need to be cleaned and lubed before you head outside. Some good indicators of this may be squeaky gears, a dry chain, or an extremely dirty drivetrain. The best way to address these problems is to use citrus solvent to remove dirt and grime from the drivetrain components. Then, use a lube that is appropriate for the riding conditions. For chain lube, we would recommend White Lightning Clean Ride or some of the other light lubes in the shop.  Apply a thin-film along the entire chain and then shift through all the gears to spread the lube evenly throughout the entire drivetrain.

Tires Ready to Roll?

After a good season of riding last year or a little storage time, you may be due for a new set of tires. A couple of indicators of this would be cracks along the sidewall (commonly referred to as dry rot), slashes or bubbles in the tire, or flat spots. We have tires to match all types of riding needs and styles, so stop in and reduce your risk of getting a flat on your first ride.

Correctly Adjusted Skewers and Headset

Before going out the door, take a couple of seconds and ensure that your bike is safe and ready to ride. Open and close both the front and rear skewers, ensuring that they are properly tightened to hold the wheels in place as you are rolling down the road. They do not need to be torqued, but they should offer resistance as you are closing them. Additionally, make sure that the bolts holding your seat post and handlebars are securely tightened. Both of these steps only take a few seconds and will save you any worries as you are blazing down that first hill in the sun!

Any other mechanical needs? Please stop in and allow our mechanics to inspect your bike. As the spring weather becomes more consistent, our mechanics will be swamped with tune-ups. Save yourself the wait now and come in with you bike for maintenance and a full inspection. Our full tune-ups start at $60. Read more about our repair services at Gear West Bike.

Questions – Please call us at (952) 473-0093 to speak with a mechanic.

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