Recover Like a Pro, Get Cloned

Recently C.E.P stopped by to unveil their new Clone compression program. We are quite excited to work with C.E.P to provide you with the ultimate in recovery compression. With the Clone program, we will be able to take 41 exact measurements of your lower body (shown below)  that will allow C.E.P to make a clone double of your lower body in the form of compression tights or thigh high sleeves.

This guarantees that the 20-30mmhg of applied compression is actually helping you recover effectively, increasing bloodflow by 40% and increasing performance by as much as 5% (

 After taking and submitting the measurements, you will recieve 2 pairs of the custom compression garments within one week of placing the order. You can elect to recieve both pairs at once or one at a time. With the custom kit, you will recieve 2 Clone compression garments, a CEP care kit containing a wash bag, mediwash detergent, application gloves, and skin care samples. For the thigh high option, you can choose from beaded silicon or lace silicon for $240. The tights can be ordered with an open toe or closed toe for $290.

Check back here for Kevin’s review of his Clone tights within the next few weeks.

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