Membership has its Benefits. Join Gear West Tri Club

For 2011, Gear West Tri Club is back and better than ever with some new and exciting additions to our membership benefits. Registration is $20 and includes custom clothing discounts, drawings for race entries, and the chance for 1 free Zipp 404 wheel rental, club emails and clinics, and the “caught in red” program.

Like last year, members will have the opportunity to purchase custom Gear West Bike & Tri clothing for 40% off. To view some of our custom Sugoi clothing visit our website. Additionally, we are still offering 15% off the purchase of nutrition products. For wearing GWB clothing at select races, we will once again be doing the “caught in red” program with staff and development team members handing out GWB shop swag to those who are flying our colors with pride.

New for 2011, we have a pair of Zipp 404 tubulars that members can race for free one time during the year. This is a $150 opportunity that will give you that extra boost of speed for your “A” race during the season. We will be drawing a name for each race weekend. Starting at the first of May, we will be drawing names of interested GW Tri Club  members for each of the June race weekends. On the first of June, we will do the same for July race weekends. We will then do the same for all the other races through September.

Additionally, our relationship with some of the best races in the state will allow us to draw complimentary entries to certain races as we receive them. All interested club members will have the opportunity to take part in this drawing. We are expecting several race entries from the Midwest Multisport, Final Stretch, and Vaction Sports series’.

Register today and become a member of Gear West Tri Club!

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