Leadman Epic 250 Triathlon: Reborn in the Desert

On May 14th you have an opportunity to become a leadman, chiseled from stone, without the pounding of a long run through a concrete jungle. Life Time Fitness is taking the legend born in Leadville, Colorado and moving it to the desert for an ultra-triathlon that will cover 250 kilometers of total distance. This event starts with a 3.1K swim in beautiful Lake Mead near picturesque Dead Man’s Island. Following the swim, participants will ride 223K or roughly 138.6 miles through the extremely scenic Valley of Fire State Park (pictured below).

Along the way, over 7,000ft of climbing will be done, separating leadmen and leadwomen from those of weaker stone. After completing the muscle scorching ride, the course will end with a 22k trail run that overlooks the Hoover Dam.

As you can tell from the course layout, this triathlon has a unique set of distances that are meant to challenge the fittest athletes, yet not focus on the sport that puts a hurting on the body. With the swim and bike being the longest of the three disciplines, this may be a great race for “endurance” athletes that want to go the distance, yet respect and not punish their bodies.

To checkout this race, or register, Visit the Leadman Triathlon site.

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