New to the Shop – Meet Dan Hedgecock

Recently, Dan Hedgecock joined the “full-time” force here at GWB&T. Although Dan is relatively new to the sport of triathlon, he offers some of the greatest potential amongst the “up and coming” young guns in our sport. Originally, Dan came from more of a running background, posting some impressive times at Mizzou in XC and track. Dan saw great success as a rookie last year, finishing amongst the top elite athletes in races such as Manitou and LTF. Don’t make any quick judgements, Dan is extremely well versed in triathlon and has a vast knowledge of the sport after living with DKT and training with him for a little under a year. Look for Dan to set some scorching splits this summer and also contribute in promotions, sales, and marketing around our shop. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as Dan is one of the most modest and open guys around.

Since Dan came from the corporate sphere, we had him fill out a “new hire form” from “human resources.” We knew Dan was a shoe-in when he called out the bluff with a witty rebuttal.

Hometown Now: St. Paul, MN
 Hometown Then: Denver, CO
Education: B.A. in English and Philosophy
Gear West Employment: New to the bike business. I worked at a running store for 2 years in college.
Race Experience: Ran track and cross country during high school and college. My first triathlon was at Buffalo last June.
Very first race: Fun run mile in elementary school.
Race Goals for 11’: Race fast enough to get my pro card.
Favorite Product: Speedplay pedals.
Favorite movie: Old School
If I’m not biking, I’d rather be: Doing a long run on singletrack trails.
Family: Oldest of 3, 1 younger brother and 1 younger sister. 
Number of Bikes owned:  4: 1 road, 1 tri and 2 junked-up commuter bikes

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