Gear West Bike and Tri Recognized as Top Triathlon Retailer

On Monday night, a vast variety of members from the triathlon community gathered in La Jolla, CA for the first annual Triathlon America Conference. The conference was a celebratory event for Triathlon America, an organization that was founded during the past year to help manage the growth of the sport in an equal and fair manner for all. The organization was really meant to help race directors, retailers, and triathlon advocacy programs or clubs gain knowledge and have access to services that help benefit the end consumers in the sport drastically.

As part of the three-day conference, Triathlon America honored the best in sport from the manufacturing or business side of the equation. Although long-course triathletes Chris McCormack and Chrissie Wellington were recognized as best in class, they were represented by sponsors such as Specialized, Speedplay, and Cannondale.

Another part of the awards section recognized the top 10 U.S triathlon retailers in no numerical order. The voting panel consisted of all Triathlon America’s founders and 10 additional award panel members prominent within the industry including Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Paula Newby-Fraser, Karen Smyers, as well as NBC “Today Show” host Natalie Morales. We were honored to be recognized as one of these top retailers and were proud to accept the award from Triathlon America. Thank you to all of those who have chosen to support Gear West Bike and Triathlon. For those that love hardware, you can come see our shiny new plaque in the store!

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