Comfort and Compression in a Race Sock? Meet Swiftwick’s Aspire Line!

Right in time for Spring race season to get underway, we recently received Swiftwick’s new Aspire line of Olefin socks. What makes these different from others you ask? Well, we have long been a fan of Swiftwick’s moisture moving and foot cooling regular Olefin socks and these are even better for a number of reasons. In the Aspire line, Swiftwick added a considerable amount of compression for active foot pounding sports like cycling, running and triathlon without adding a ton of bulk in the toe box. Additionally, they kept the narrow foot in mind, producing a neutral fitting sock. With our love for moisture wicking Olefin, we were happy to learn that they doubled the content and took out the front seams to keep those sweaty dogs dry and cool during the dog days of summer.

Soon to Come… Shortly, we will be getting in a variety of technology packed socks from Gore. Additionally, new Spring and Summer clothing will be on the shelves soon enough as the weather turns. Look for hot new patterns from Pearl Izumi, Sugoi and others!

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