Rent Tri Gear Within a Couple Clicks

Like past years, we are offering wetsuit, bike and Zipp race wheel rentals for all different types of race situations. This year we do have a couple new products for rent as well as another way to rent for your convenience.

For wheels, we have expanded our rentals by 3 race wheels to include the 404 Carbon Clinchers, Sub 9 / 808 combination with a powertap hub built-in, and the new V4 303’s which are slightly wider and contain a new refined hub that offers even less resistance and more precision! Now that is some serious speed! Speaking of which, we now also are offering two powertap wheels for rent. The SL+ Powertap Hub comes built into a Mavic Pro aluminum wheel and the Cervo CPU head. More details regarding powertap rentals can be found on our website.

As far as the rental process for any of these offerings, you can now sign up for the rental online to rent for weeklong periods (Wednesday to the following Tuesday). To rent a wetsuit, wheelset, or bike, follow the directions below.

Gear West Bike Website –> Shop online tab –> Rentals (select bike, wetsuit or wheels) –> Choose appropriate size (refer to sizing charts which are 99.9% accurate or call us with questions) –> Choose dates needed on right (if you don’t see the date you need, the item is already rented) –> checkout like normal

Just like that you are bound for PR glory!

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