2011 Quintana Roo Tri Bikes are Trickling In

2011 Quintana Roos are slowly arriving at the shop which is exciting news. So far we have received a handful of CD.01 Ultegras and a few Luceros. During our trip to Interbike last fall, we were very impressed by the new modifications that QR made to their frames and the component specs of each model. Additionally, the Lucero is back by popular demand, offering plenty of bang at a modest price. Here are some of our thoughts after receiving and building the new Lucero and CD.01 Ultegra.

2011 Lucero:

With an MSRP of $2650, this bike hosts some pretty impressive features. The Lucero’s drivetrain consists of mostly Ultegra 6700 components, including the crankset which is a pretty killer deal for under $3K. The rear derailleur and bar-end shifters are Dura-Ace, making shifting that much more precise. Overall, the drivetrain offers a vast amount of precision and performance, with none of the headaches of a third-party crankset entering the picture. This is a huge plus.

Like all of QR’s bikes for 2011, the fit should also be more accommodating for all athletic abilities and body geometries. QR has lengthened the head tube of each size by roughly 1.5cm, which has us excited to put one up on the fit stand. QR decided to lengthen the head tube a touch after consulting many fit experts around the nation. Other additions to the frame are sleeker seat stays and a different seat clamp, producing less drag in at every wind direction. The Lucero’s carbon frame is much like the 2011 Seduza’s, just with different component specs. The new graphics are modest, but give the bike enough flair to stand out amongst others.

The wheelset and aerobar set-up round this bike out to be a true contender. Shimano’s RS30 wheels have moderate depth and offer excellent durability to handle all the training mileage put on during the year. Vision’s clip-on aero extensions provide plenty of adjustability for all types of triathletes. In summary, we think this bike could be a hot ticket this summer and it is nice to see another well-built mid-level full carbon bike on the floor.

CD.01 Ultegra:

QR’s premier bike is back again and better than ever for 2011. In the past year, the green machine (2010 Ultegra version) has gone through some upgrades and has come out in a new digitized camo scheme. It would be par for the course to offer a bold paint scheme to go along with this sleek aero-rocket!

The main idea behind the CD.01 frame is a 18mm off-set in the downtube that diverts airflow away from the drivetrain side of the bike, producing an aerodynamic advantage the is unmatched by other tri bike manufacturers. The frame consists of premium modulus carbon fiber which is stiffer and lighter than the carbon used in models below the CD.01. With well hidden front and rear brake calipers, this bike is extremely sleek.

The drivetrain is also fairly impressive on the mostly Ultegra CD.o1. The Vision Tri Max crankset does not heavily detract from the shifting performance of the 6700 derailleurs which is a large plus. Like the Lucero, this bike has Shimano RS30 wheels and a Vision alloy aerobar set-up. Not to be forgotten, is the addition of an ISM Adamo saddle. QR has done away with rigid stock saddles and has chosen to go with the leader in eliminating numbness and stimulating blood flow. Since the Adamo’s popularity has sky rocketed amongst triathletes at GW Bike, we are excited that QR has chosen such a great saddle to put on their bikes.

At a price point of $3300, the Ultegra CD.01 offers some true aerodynamic advantages that are hard to match. If your goal is to shave time off the bike portion of a triathlon or throw down an impressive time trial time, this may be your ticket.

An important note is that this bike can also be purchased with an upgraded set-up, featuring Dura-Ace components, different frame graphics, a nicer Vision cockpit, and upgraded wheels. If you want to pull out all the stops, read more about the CD.01 Dura-Ace.

Come in and try one of these new 2011 QR’s. We are eager to put one on the fit stand!

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