New Product Arrival – TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

Tri bike accessories may be one of the most time consuming research topics out there for many “tri geeks.” At Gear West Bike, we try to simplify all of the choices to carry a variety of products that we believe perform the best. Recently, we received a new aero drink system that has created a lot of buzz in the tri community from a relatively new company, TorHans.

TorHans was founded by two passionate cyclists and one entrepreneur with the goal of recreating poorly designed hydration units, reshaping them with a vast amount of aerodynamic research. The Aero30 Bottle (pictured below) contains a few features that the popular Profile Design bottles do not contain.

The Aero30 has dual mounting channels and a trailing edge that matches the head tube of most triathlon bikes on the market, making it much more aerodynamic in the wind. The dual channels allow the mounting of a computer / utility holder that could hold a CPU, power meter, energy gels or other nutrition. The bottle itself holds 30oz of liquid and contains the XFlow cap, which is easier to fill on the go. Sloshing and spilling is not an issue with this cap and it will become handy when refilling at long course aid stations once the bottle is emptied. Additionally, the straw has a well thought out aero sleeve, masking the circular shape from the wind. Rest assured, the bottle is also BPA free, meaning consumers will not have to worry about leeching chemicals. Mounting this bottle is extremely easy with a mounting bracket that is adjustable up to widths of 14cm.

Come into GW Bike and check out this new set-up as you begin to consider adding additional hydration units to your tri bike. The Aero30 bottle retails for $44.99 and the mounting bracket is sold seperately for $29.95

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