Now is the Time to Think About Wetsuit, Wheel, & Bike Rentals

Though race season is really a few months away, now is a great time to consider whether you would like to rent a Quintana Roo Ultrajohn Wetsuit, Felt F2 Road Bike, or demo a pair of Zipp Race Wheels from GW Bike. Rentals for these items will fill up a couple months in advance, especially on the most popular race weekends listed below.

6/1 – 6/7:     Buffalo and Pigman Sprint

6/8 – 6/14:   Liberty, Manitou, and Trinona

7/6 – 7/12:   Lifetime, Timberman, and Graniteman

7/13 – 7/17: Heart of the Lakes and Racine 70.3

7/20 – 7/26: Chisago

8/17 – 8/23: St. Paul and Pigman Half

9/7 – 9/13:   Burrito Union, Square Lake, and IM Wisc.

New this year, Gear West Bike is also offering the option to rent a Power Tap rear wheel with a Cervo CPU to track your power (wattage), cadence, speed, and distance. Like other rental options, you may rent the Power Tap set-up on a weekly basis from Wednesday to the following Tuesday.

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