GWB – First Shop to Receive the 2011 Felt DA!

It may be a cold Friday in January, but we just received the FIRST 2011 Felt DA in the U.S. The years of wind tunnel research are completely obvious as you look at the design of this newly refined frame.

From the front, the DA is virtually invisible, with the Bayonet 3’s headtube appearing extremely sleek and narrow. At this vantage point, it should also be noted that Felt molded the fork to allow more space between the wheel and fork, eliminating areas where wind could “pocket.”

From the rear, we were amazed that the frame is virtually invisible, with the 25mm Continental Competition Tubular.

The new nano-carbon Devox base bar utilizes internal Di2 routing, making it an extremely lightweight and clean full-carbon cockpit.

Here is the newly improved Bayonet 3, utilizing the lightest and stiffest carbon and an integrated stem that offers a vast number of positions from -35 to 48 degrees.

Near the drivetrain, the Di2 battery is hidden from the wind under a sleek and accessible cover.

The Di2 cables and junction box is tucked well away from the wind, with all the wires housed in a secret compartment near the bottom bracket area of the bike. We were thoroughly impressed by how well all the wires were concealed inside of the frame, without hindering the accessibility of anything for mechanical work. This is truly a well-thought design that are mechanics appreciated.

Below is a shot of the same compartment closed (with a nano-carbon cap!)

Stop in and view the new 2011 Felt DA this weekend. We will have it on the floor, available for all to see, touch, and drool over (wet wipes not included)! This bike is 14% more aero dynamic than the 2010 DA and boasts an increased stiffness of 13%. Additionally, it comes complete with a 2011 Zipp 808/1080 combination, boasting the Zipp’s Firecrest 808 in the front!

To view the complete specs and other technical information on this bike visit:

Additionally, watch this cool video, detailing the thoughts behind this unbeatable tri bike!

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