The Truth Behind Devon Palmer’s IM AZ Bike Numbers

Last week I did a quick analysis of Devon Palmer’s power profile from Ironman Arizona. Devon was quick to put in his two cents, adding a little humor and a more accurate analysis of his performance. Here is what he had to say about the bike portion of his race.

  • I rode the first lap strong in an attempt to chase down the front group, not realizing the only thing resembling a front group was a few of the super stars riding together in the lead. My average power over the first loop was around 270-280.
  • I settled into a comfortable effort the second loop but started to lose a little bit of energy as my ‘fuel’ bottle with 1200 calories of carbo-pro and gatorade was running out – I was planning to pick up a second one at special needs. Unfortunately I was given someone else’s special needs bag. This person had packed a hummus sandwich for lunch. Needless to say, I did not get the calories I needed the second half of the bike. The second loop was probably close to my overall average power at 240.
  • The third loop I really started to fade due to insufficient calories. With the bonk my watts dropped to around 200. I am extremely pleased my cadence appears consistent regardless of diminishing power. 

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