Devon Palmer’s Power Profile From IM Arizona

Before Devon Palmer left to take on his first Ironman in Arizona, we were lucky enough to catch him in between training sessions. Devon did very well in his first race, finishing 17th overall in an impressive 9:04:49. We wanted to focus on his bike split (4:40) which was a 24mph average that brought him the 9th fastest bike split of the day. At this point, he was sitting in 11th place before taking on the run. During the 112 mile ride, Devon was able to record his power data, which we have posted below. Arizona’s course is a 3-loop out and back course that is relatively flat with approximately 410ft of altitude gain, which is mostly experienced in one section of the course.

Here is the skinny on his overall performance.

Average Speed: 24mph

Average Watts: 243

Average Cadence: 86

Work, KJ: 4100

From Devon’s power profile, we can conclude that his speed and cadence were relatively even over the entire course. His change in power came close to mimicking the slight changes in elevation and went from the low 320 range to a slightly lower finish of around approximately 270. This shows that Devon paced himself quite well during the race and did not lose much power on the bike towards the finish.

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