Speed Concept 7.5’s are Here!

We recently received two Speed Concept 7.5’s in store (Medium and Large) and they look pretty spectacular (as seen below).

The 7.5 boasts about 80% of the technology seen on the 9 Series Speed Concepts and shares many of the same features at a great price. Here are some of the positives that we have seen so far that could make this bike very popular at the $3500 price point. For this amount of money, the bike has full Ultegra 6700 components, a Race X Lite bullhorn with aluminum bar extensions, Dura-Ace 10-speed shifters, and Trek’s TCT carbon frame. Aside from the component build, this bike is aesthetically pleasing and extremely sleek in a cross wind. Each company has their own story on why one bike is more aero than another, but there are many features about the Speed Concept that are well thought out.

The tube shape on Trek’s Speed Concept is unique to cycling. The kammtail tubing is very sleek in a crosswind as seen below:

This is because Trek focused on finding the right length and width of the tubing to produce a virtual tail at the end, even though the tubing does not come to a point. Additionally, this tail shifts to address a change in wind angle while riding. By truncating the tubing, Trek was also able to create a frame that is 200 grams lighter than the TTX and 20% stiffer. Additionally, the rear brakes are well hidden near the rear chain stays. Trek even created an aero skewer that is positioned to hide from the wind. Internal cable routing also increases the frames sleekness. Believe it or not, cables can cause a significant amount of drag at any wind angle.

The difference between the 7 series and 9 series lies in a few different areas. The most obvious difference lies in the quality of the carbon fiber. The 7 Series uses TCT carbon vs. the OCLV carbon found in the 9 series. OCLV carbon is compacted under more pressure, creating the optimal blend of carbon and resin, reducing weight and increasing the frames stiffness. Additionally, there are less voids in the carbon (referring to the small microscopic gaps found between the carbon layers) achieving maximum strength above aerospace standards! Unlike the 7 Series, the 9 has hidden front brake calipers that are tucked into the fork, making them almost invisible (try to find them in our store!). The front end of the 9 Series is also much sleeker, with a shape similar to an hour-glass. From the front, the bike almost appears to vanish head-on. Additionally, the carbon cockpit is extremely adjustable, allowing 6 different stems and 14cm worth of stack adjustment. On the stand, we can attest to the amount of adjustability offered in both the 7 and 9 Series Speed Concepts. Unlike some, these machines can be adjusted to fit most body types extremely well.

Come in and try one this winter on our trainers!

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