It’s Not Too Late, Vote Mosquitoman Duathlon as Race of the Year!

Did you have a blast racing the Mosquitoman Duathlon, have enjoyed our races in the past, or just love to support Gear West Bike? Our goal with the inaugural Mosquitoman Duathlon was to bring you an inexpensive, unique, and fun event with all of the necessities. We think we achieved that this year and look forward to further improving and building the event in 2011.

Here are what some people said about the Mosquitoman Duathlon after participating:

“I wish more races were $25. A lot of races are getting too expensive. All I want/need in a race is a timing chip, a map, and volunteers to tell me where to turn on the bike.”

-Eric H.

“I’m addicted to triathlons for their sheer insanity – the crazier the better. I rarely sign-up for duathlons, however because they just seem too tame.  When I heard about MosquitoMan’s run-bike-run-bike-run format, I signed up immediately.  The event was everything I had hoped for.  Even though the total distance wasn’t that far, the fact that there were so many transitions was enough to keep a smile on my face the whole way. It reaffirmed for me that I do these races because they’re so damn fun!!!   I plan to add this race to my regular yearly schedule.”

– David C.

“It was a great race offering a different format that was a “break” from the norm.  The team time trial aspect was awesome!  It was a pretty rare opportunity to compete in this type of format on a fun, fast course, with other great competitors.  If you think you have fast transitions, come and test your skills at Mosquitoman! See if your tired body can keep with your racing brain.”

– Brett L.


 Help the inaugural Mosquitoman Duathlon win Triathlete’s Choice Race of the Year by voting before Oct 31st!

To vote for Mosquitoman Duathlon as Race of the Year, click here. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with more multisport race opportunities in 2011!

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