Training Basics – Tools for Home Massage Therapy

We are excited to have Trigger Point’s performance therapy products in-store starting this week. As a triathlete, cyclist, or weekend warrior, aches and pains are just a part of life for most of us. Trigger Point’s products were crafted to mimic the pressure applied from a thumb, finger tip, or palm, relieving pressure and strain from problematic areas. Unlike commonly used items such as foam rollers, tennis balls, or plastic, Trigger Point’s tools will not collapse under pressure, reaching the belly of the muscle.

We will be carrying 3 tools from T.P (Massage Ball, Footballer, and Quadballer), 3 Instructional DVD’s (Ultimate 6, Hip & Lower Back, Foot & Lower Leg), and 3 value added packages that work for you! Although we are not recommending that you skip therapy sessions and only utilize these items, we have found that they are great supplements to a multi-sport routine.

I found out first hand how well Trigger Point’s lower leg products work when I spoke to a T.P Rep in Vegas during Interbike. Moments after mentioning lower back and leg pain, I was performing calf release exercises in a chair to the entertainment of Kevin and Hannah. Although extremely painful (sweat was pouring from my face) I completed the exercises with some deep breathing tips and my calves felt instantly better. Later in the week, I still noticed a difference as the painful knots and areas had dissipated.

Below are summaries of the three package options.

Ultimate 6 Kit

This kit includes a massage ball, the Footballer, Quadballer, and Ultimate 6 DVD. This is a great choice for runners and cyclists looking to get a little more out of their workouts by adding self massage routine. Choose this to prevent injuries and supplement multisport training for $ 149.99

Hip and Lower Back Kit

This is Trigger Point’s most comprehensive kit, including 2 massage balls, the Football, Baller Block, Quadballer, Biomechanic and Instructional DVDs. It is perfect if you are looking for the complete package, addressing issues with the IT Band, hamstrings, knee, Sciatic nerve, lower back, quads, piriformis, or hips. This extensive kit can be yours for $ 159.99

Foot and Lower Leg Kit

This is just the kit you need if you are a cyclist, runner, or active individual dealing with painful lower leg issues. It contains two massage balls, the Footballer and a DVD addressing biomechanics, strengthening and release exercises. The included instruments are meant to address plantar fascia, heel, Achilles Tendon, arch, calf, shin, soleus, or metatarsal pain. Start addressing these issues for $ 109.99

Besides these kits, we are also carrying The Grid, Trigger Point’s answer to the traditional foam roller. My favorite feature of this product is that it won’t break down like a traditional foam roller because the core is a hollow composite. It has varying densities designed to mimic the human hand (fingertips, thumb, and palm) which change after 7 seconds of pressure. It is also travel friendly since it is hallow and you can get a wicked core workout from it! This item is priced at $ 39.99

Another bonus is that tools and DVDs can be purchased separately to complete one of the massage kits offered. Here are the prices for additional items to complete your massage set:

Massage Ball $24.99

Quadballer $59.99

Hip & Lower Back DVD $19.99

Foot & Lower Leg DVD w/Cards $24.99

Ultimate 6 DVD or Guidebook $19.99

Check out Trigger Point’s website for additional information and some pretty cool informational videos.

Come into the shop to check out these products. We have display samples so that you can try out the different exercise items in-store. These items will also make great gifts for any multi-sport minded athlete.

One thought on “Training Basics – Tools for Home Massage Therapy

  1. Great post and glad Gear West Bike and Tri is offering this line of products. As a Physical Therapist i used to have to rely on tennis balls and homemade massage tools, but since I got the Trigger Point products i have sent many of my patients this direction. I actually think that they complement the foam roller, but you can get deeper and more specific muscles/tendons with the TP products. They all belong in your home gym for winter Pre-hab!

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